London Ontario Real Estate Change, Go Bigger or Go Smaller

Did you know that we are programmed to resist change, even when it’s in our best interest? Changing to a larger or a smaller home is a huge change for those  interested in London Ontario real estate & for some, quite discouraging.

Chip Heath, a Stanford business professor, an author of 2 great books Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive And Others Die” and “Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard”, covers change and why we resist change.

made to stick

He states that our analytical, rational side may say” I want a better beach body”, but our emotional side says “I want the Oreo cookie”.

So at work, we may want to change how we treat our customers and clients, but our emotional side is in love with the comfort of routine. Heath writes that we need to align those two conflicting sides of ourselves.

Or in real estate, we may want to move to a one floor home or a smaller one because the stairs are getting harder to manage or you are tired of shovelling snow or yard maintenance, but our emotional side is comfortable with the neighbourhood and even family memories.


He writes that you have to convince your emotional side of yourself  to go along with the change and not just motivate the rational, analytical side.

Real estate and practitioners of real estate face change daily and some let the change beat them up. How many times  have you heard “I’ve done it this way for 10 years and that’s the way it is.”?

“Why did they make those changes at ___________? I liked “the old way” or my favorite “I hate this new system, new phone, new app, new manager or whatever new gives you a headache”.

Well, for me, I welcome change because if I stop learning and growing, I wither away & die. I don’t want that to happen yet  so bring it on, give me all the change you got, and by the way, how to sell your house in London Ontario is changing too.