Price Your London Ontario Home Correctly

I keep track of houses in London that are for sale, how long it takes to sell( days on the market) and what percentage of the sale price to the asking price. What is the reason why some houses sell for 98%-99% of the asking price or more and are sold within 26 days and others receive 95-96% of the asking price & are on the market an average 83 days or do not sell at all?

No offers yet on your house in London

 When a house is not priced correctly the first day it goes on the market and if the price is too high, this is usually what happens:

  • LOW Final Sales Price – An overpriced house, still on the market beyond the average selling time, usually leads to a lower selling price. To sell it, you will have to reduce the price, sometimes several times. In the end,you’ll likely get less than if it had been properly priced at the start.
  • Limited Buyers – Potential buyers may not view your house, because it would be out of their buying range.
  • Limited Showings – Real estate agents may be reluctant to view your house or bring their clients because the listing is stale and buyers wonder what is wrong with the place.
  • Wasted Time and Energy – For example, a buyer who gets a bank appraisal on an overpriced house will quickly determine that they’ve wasted their time because the appraisal will not support the inflated sales price.

Weeks on Market For a House to Sell

Well kept houses in London Ontario,  properly priced when you first list it will always get you a quicker sale and  97% of the time the best price! 

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Worries Home Sellers Have in London Ontario

What’s some of the fears when someone lists a home with a Realtor?

For most, its worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent Realtor, costing valuable time and exposure on the market.

Agreement for sale of a house in London


  • How quick will it take to sell?
  • How do I get as much money as I can for the house?
  • How do I avoid paying a huge commission fee and I don’t want to go to a discount, bare bones real estate brokerage or even to try to sell it myself?

You do have options! Our many plans take the risk and the fear out of listing your home with a Realtor.


Because we clearly spell out our promise to you–it’s simple! You then pick the best plan available for marketing your home to its fullest potential. We are able to obtain the highest possible market value by doing the following:


  • “No Questions Asked, No Fee” Cancellation Agreement
  • Input your property into the MLS
  • Feature your property on over 56 real estate websites.
  • We make the additional investment to have our listings as “featured homes” on Point 2 homes, Kijiji, Craigslist &  Facebook
  • Create a virtual tour of your property and will be shown on the multiple websites.
  • Your home personal website
  • 118 other tasks

    “No Pressure” presentation

We will never allow you to be pressured.  All offers will be emailed, faxed or delivered to my office and presented to you by us, so you can make an informed decision.

   Frequently Asked Questions:

 Shouldn’t I pick an “area specialist” to sell my home?

There are Realtors who focus primarily in one geographic are or neighborhood. But buyers come from all over the city and in some cases, all over the province, not just from that small neighborhood. So an area specialist usually really means “listing agent” in the area.

But MLS, computers, the internet and cell phones have changed that aspect of the real estate business. Now the important points in selecting an agent are experience, track record, technology and marketing skills.

Also, buyers do not care whose sign is on the lawn, they want to see your home and not be pressured.

    Why do your homes sell so fast? Do you price them too low?

Absolutely not! Many of our listings sell at full price. We make it our business to know the market, so we can ensure we get the highest possible price for our sellers. Studies show that the highest value for a home is achieved in the first 10 days—so it is important to get it right the first time.


Our homes typically sell quicker than the average because of the effective marketing we do. We accomplish this by first doing a supply/demand analysis in the immediate area for any home we consider marketing. All Realtors have access to the same market information. It is the evaluation of what that information means to the marketing of a home that matters. X-rays mean nothing until they are evaluated by a competent doctor. Similarly, knowing what the market is doing affects both the marketing time and value.

   Why do you sell so many homes?

Our extensive marketing campaigns, as well as our  internet presence, experience, product knowledge, doing the little things right, effective marketing programs and our skilled team all add up to positive results. Every field has people who, through their drive and passion, manage to excel.

  I heard that there are limited service brokerages who charge less. Why shouldn’t I hire the cheapest agent?

Sellers don’t’ need an agent just to sell their house. They need an agent to sell their house for more! If your property would sell for the same price no matter who sells it – it probably would be in your best interest to sell the home yourself. In that case, why pay any agent?

The fact of the matter is we can sell your home for more. We have the track record we do because we are experts at pricing the property (using a specific supply-demand analysis prior to even looking for “comps”) and experts at creating the greatest amount of exposure of your property.

Even when receiving offers, we do not follow the pack. We do not permit other Realtors to pressure you into a rash decision. The offer will be presented to you by us alone.

  Why Do You Have So Many Buyers?

Full-time Buyer Specialists

Our buyer specialists only show property, write offers and negotiate contracts. They know the inventory, the ins and outs of financing, and which lenders to use to get the best rates.

Another reason is our “Love it or Leave It “guarantee!

Listing a London Ontario Home , What to do First?

The most important time when listing a London Ontario home is when it first goes up for sale on MLS.  Home buyers and their Realtor  are searching daily for certain neighbourhoods in London  for something new, when excitement is usually the highest!

If there are errors in the listing, poor pictures or a inadequate description of your home, it can hurt you.

Selling a London Ontario Home

In most cases, home sellers do not have any idea that this is occurring. They may not know that potential buyers and their Realtor have by passed the listing, disregarded it all together or  frustrated when they get to view your home, or, pleasantly surprised!

Below are some of the reasons your home may not be getting the exposure and action that you have anticipated.

  • The sign goes up, but the Listing Realtor has not turned the listing in to the office yet, so the office not only has no record of the listing, it does not know who the listing Realtor is. Buyers drive by, they call the office and get nowhere.
  • The Realtor has not loaded the listing to the Multiple Listing Service, (MLS) quickly. Again, the buyer does not see it for a day or two and their Realtor will not see it on their frequent search for new listings.
  • The listing appears on MLS, but when the buyer and Realtor get there, the lock box isn’t on yet, there are no keys cut etc. If you are not home, the buyers may reschedule to come out the second time if they have not bought any thing in the mean time.
  • Your house listing is not up yet on any other websites,  blogs or on any social media sites.  (Not important?) The latest data shows that buyers preview homes on the web 94% of the time BEFORE they actually go and look in person!
  • The MLS listing has mistakes. Room sizes are wrong. Poor pictures or not enough pictures. (Last week I showed good clients of mine a $639,000 house & they at first declined to see the  property because of the poor or inadequate pictures. Their interest did pique up after seeing the house but because of their first impressions, did not make an offer! They bought another home the next day, 3 hours after it was listed!)
  • Showing instructions indicate to “call agent for appointment” to arrange showings, but the Realtor does not return the call or if so, the next day. The buyer’s Realtor again calls to set up a time, leaves a message or a page, the window for showing comes and goes and the buyer cancels appointment to see the property. Believe it or not this can happen two or three tries before they can finally get in.
  • The buyer and their Realtor show up at your door and you did not know they were coming. Or, they show up at your door when you explicitly told the listing Realtor you did not want any showings. The buyer and Realtor leave or are uncomfortable if they do go through your house. All because some one did not notify you.
  • You do not get any feedback about the showings that have taken place. You do not know why you have not received an offer yet, or, is there any thing you can do or change to help sell your home? . The listing Realtor does not know either, because, they did not ask the showing Realtor for any feedback, and or, have not kept a record of who looked at your house.

Frustrated Home buyers

You may think that the above is rare, but, It is not ! Frustration mounts for buyers and their realtor thinks:

 “Am I going to get in”? “Is the home seller really serious about selling?”

If you were buying a car and the sales person said he/she was going to get the keys so you could take a test drive, but never came back with those keys, you would finally move on to another dealership, wouldn’t you?

Your listing Realtor’s credibility transfers to you and your property. If the lack of credibility starts with showing the property, the buyer and their Realtor wonder what else is wrong or what other problems are they going to encounter.

Again,did you know that 94% of homes sold have been previewed on the Internet?

Listing with an Realtor who has a reputation for being thorough will never do you any harm. Who uses the web properly, has a follow up system and the finances to see your property through to the final stages.

Ensure that before the sign goes up and the listing gets to the MLS, everything from the lock box, listing brochures and presentations are in place and ready to go. Ensure your Realtor has a system to let you view the comments and feedback about your house on a special listing website . Do they have a check list (I have 133 items on mine) that they share with you before it even gets on MLS?

Check list when selling a London Ontario Home


Do not let others get in the way of selling your home. Why not make it easy and comfortable for buyers and their Realtor to see your home,  make an offer and you are always in the loop, being informed and willing and able to sell your home.

In summary, the most important time for a new listing is BEFORE it goes on MLS.

If You Really Want To Sell a House London Ontario

The first step in getting your home sold in London Ontario and area in the time frame you want and most importantly, keep as much money as possible in your pocket and not someone else’s, is to choose a great listing Realtor!

Your Home Sold in London Ontario

I have a couple of revolutionary marketing concepts that I absolutely guarantee will help to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price.

These concepts use key fundamental marketing principles and it will empower you with knowledge that (once you apply it) has proven it to be a blessing for hundreds of homeowners all across London and South West Ontario.

Here’s what a homeowner in Old South had to say: “When I first heard about you Ty, I thought, this is just more junk saying how great some Realtor is. Well, I was definitely wrong. Your ideas we talked about made sense. And when we followed through… we sold our home in only 13 days!”

Here’s what another homeowner in Byron had to say: “Our first Realtor kept making all kinds of excuses, even in this record year for real estate in London … sales are slow for my style of house… it’s too warm outside, nobody is looking at houses in this heat… all sorts of stuff. That’s when my boss suggested I meet you.  It helped me understand why our agent was saying all that stuff. So, we complied with your system and sure enough our home sold three weeks after we listed with you.”

So home sellers how would $17,000 to $30,000 more in your bank account after selling your home in London make you feel?

It made these clients happy as heck!
Carolyn Stinson had her home for sale for over 100 days without any offers. Two weeks after hiring me, her home sold for $17,495 more than her list price.

So home sellers and those thinking of selling, or heaven forbid, you are trying to sell your home yourself or your home was listed and did not sell, what are you waiting for?

It won’t cost you a penny to meet with me, there is nothing to sign and here’s the thing, even if you do not hire me, you will have armed yourself with some useful ideas for you to give to the agent you do hire so he or she can sell your home quicker and for money!

Canadian Nickle

I know, this is a nickel but saying it won’t cost you a penny sounds better than saying it will not cost you a nickel or 5 cents to speak with me!