What You Think You Know May Hurt Buying London Ontario Real Estate

Buying London Ontario real estate is not as simple as  shopping for a house or condo to buy, because there are actually two homes competing for your attention: the one that meets your needs, and the one that fulfills your desires.

looking to buy a house or a condo in London Ontario

In one of the greatest financial books ever written, ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’,George Clason writes that there are two kinds of knowledge: the one kind being the things we learned and knew, and the other being the training that taught us how to find out what we did not know.

I read this book yearly to refresh and remind myself of some real simple financial basics, and while very simple and easy to do, most do not follow, perhaps because it is so simple & easy!

When it comes to buying a house or a condo in London Ontario, I see many people , professionals especially, while well educated in their profession (I hope), buy or sell real estate without finding out what they do not know.

It is like a person complaining of a sore belly, goes to their doctor and tells the physician that Dr. Google says it is blah blah blah! The kind physician ( the one not rolling their eyes or thinking “Oh no,here we go again) will ask questions, identify the cause or the remedy and treat the problem.

In real estate the same thing, wise, intelligent people listen to what their neighbour or co-worker say, read “how to save thousands when buying real estate’, or watch all those reality shows and then become experts in buying a house or a condo.

Home sellers and their real estate representative love you, because you are the one who overpays for a home (yet brag that you got a good deal, yadayadayaa) or find out that the home has structural issues or a neighbourhood stigma .

Getting back to The Richest Man in Babylon, why not let your ego sit down for awhile and find out what you do not know about buying or selling a home? In real estate we do not have a Dr. Google, but we have everyone who has ever bought or sold a home as experts on how to buy or sell a home.

If I offended anyone by being blunt with the last paragraph, hopefully I have at least brought more awareness that perhaps you do not have all the answers and that a professional Realtor may be your greatest asset.

You may think money dictates your decision and in some cases you may be right. But about 85% of the time, you would be surprised at the results you can get when working with a professional real estate agent in London Ontario and these tools in the tool kit below.

Envelope real Estate Buyers Toolkit




3 Do Not Do’s When Buying a London Ontario House

I intended  to name this blog  ‘house buyer oh no’s’  when buying a house in London Ontario, but these issues were not directly caused by the buyers

.Three Buying a House in London Ontario Buyer errors

1. We listed a client’s house and received and accepted an offer on it in two days. Financing and home inspection were fine but when the Buyer’s lawyer searched the title, it was discovered the builder and the City did not sign off on the final inspection and there was still an outstanding work permit.

​   My seller client called her lawyer who did her home purchase 9 years ago and his reply? “Not my fault!” Really! Yes, he blamed the City and her and would not take responsibility and blah, blah this and that.

My client and I contacted the City and after many run arounds, got everything settled. This is not unusual, I have seen it happen many times so that is why, we, the so called lowly unwashed Realtor, research the city for any outstanding work orders or efficiencies before we list a house and not depend on the lawyer to do so.

2. We sold our clients house in a newer neighbourhood, they had lived in it for two years and wanted to move to Old North London. When the buyer’s home inspector found two serious issues with the home, the new buyers wanted a price reduction. My seller client’s had a home inspection when they had bought the home and the two deficiencies were not exposed or found.

I asked the sellers who their home inspector was and how they chose him and he was gave the lowest quote over the phone. Did they ask for references? Did they ask for experience etc.?

No, they did not. Upon cooperation with the new buyers and my seller client, we worked out a compromise to the deficiencies, my seller paid for the correction and the sale went through, but at a cost to them of $3300!

Buyers remorse is not necessary, work with Sutton Group Envelope

The 3rd example is real common and very sad. I was asked to come and list a house that these folks had bought 5 years ago. When I suggested the house price to them, they said “But, that is the price we paid 5 years ago!”Well, I explained to them that they paid $21,000 too much for it when they bought it!

You can imagine what they said to me.  They decided to go with another Realtor. At this writing, 5 months later, after two other Realtors, they have gone to a 3rd Realtor and still trying to sell!

How sad because these sellers were very nice and hadn’t taken the time to pick the best Realtor for them when they bought the house in the first place. Oh, by the way, the Realtor they bought the house with is no longer in business! Wonder why?

So in summary, the above 3 errors are more common than not and as a professional Realtor, I find it callous and unnecessary.

​    7 Wonderful Home Buyer Tips

How To Prevent Overpaying For a London Ontario House

Overpaying for real estate in London Ontario over the past few months is occurring more often than not and I have heard the following statements from buyers and Realtors.

happy buyers


  • “There is nothing I can do about it”.
  • “That’s just the way the real estate market is right now.”
  • “There is nothing else out there”


Learned helplessness is a condition in which a buyer adapts to the scarcity mindset, the fear of loss and instant gratification and overpays for a house in London Ontario and feel that there is nothing they can do about it and that the acceptance of their offer is totally out of their control.

Yes, the real estate market in London Ontario is vibrant and as a Realtor, that is quite positive yet the consequences of overzealous buyers and their representatives actions will have a negative effect , as history has proven over and over that the axiom “What goes up must come down”, holds true.

As a home buyer in London Ontario, you have choices and there are strategies you can take to ensure you do not over pay and get caught up in the frenzy.

 You cannot ever overpay with the research and the facts we provide to our clients!

Finding a Home To Buy In London Ontario Should Not Be a Puzzle

  Finding a Home in London Ontario Should Not Be A Puzzle!

If I brought you in a room and in a pile on a table in that room was a 1200 piece jigsaw puzzle with no picture of the completed puzzle on the box and then asked you to put it together, where would you start?

Thinking about buying a house in Uplands

I am sure eventually you would be able to put it together over lots of time and lots of trial and error and some frustration! But why go through the hassle if all you needed was the picture?

Well, buying a house or condo in London Ontario is no different!

If you had a picture in your mind of exactly what you wanted and needed in a house, do you not think that the buying process would be easier and in the long run, save you money?

Here is a scenario that is frequently a request that we receive:

   “We are looking for a house in __________________________ 3-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage and between $____, 000 and $___, 000.”

  “We would like a master ensuite, fenced back yard etc.”

      A puzzle to Buy a Home                          


Yes, you may have decided on a one floor home versus a two story, maybe even a neighbourhood or close to a particular school or your work.

Over the years what our clients have really appreciated is what we call a market education.

We sit down with our clients and take the time to narrow down your must have’s, your lifestyle preferences, your budget, your comfort zone and after that we are getting close to having a picture of your needs.

We then go look at 4-5 homes with the intent of not buying any of them! We are solely getting a clearer picture of what you would really like and can afford in a home. After this 2-3 hour tour and analysis, we have found that  90% of the time, our buyers have a clear picture and now can act on the home that matches their picture!

Our clients know comparative prices; know the right neighbourhood, the right style of home and the necessary amenities that match their lifestyle.

I will agree that this process may not be for everyone but over the years it sure works for our clients and their level of satisfaction is very pleasing to us and a barometer of our values and work ethic!

In 90% of cases, a real estate sales person’s role is not to be a home finder. That was what real estate people did in the 80’s & 90’s, consumers  did not have access to  the vast amount of information that is available today.

Home Buyers in London

A good real estate person’s advantage and skill is to be an interpreter of data, a consultant, an advisor, a professional negotiator who ensures that not only is the price right, but the terms and conditions of a complex transaction are well managed from start to finish.

32 Minutes Will Make Buying A Home in London Ontario Easier!

First, Second ,Third Even Fifth Time Home Buyers

Ask Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate

Have you been driving around looking at open houses, searching the web, picking up real estate magazines in a constant search for a home? Then find one that you fall in love with and its been sold or a little out of your price range? It gets to be frustrating and a waste of time to say the least.  I know the feeling; I was there once myself.  The problem is most home buyers  just don’t know where to start. 

So you ask many of the Realtors you meet  questions about home buying and get different answers, becoming  even more confused.  Well there is a right way, and a wrong way, and the best way of getting the right house, and at the right price.  You want accurate and proven information (facts) that will guide you through the jungle of home buying with ease and success.

Have you or will you face any of these situations?

  • You’re looking to make one of the most important purchases of your life and you don’t want to get burned because of not knowing whom you can trust, or making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars later.
  • You do not know the values in the marketplace and you want to be assured of getting the most that you can for your money, without having any regrets after your closing?
  • You’re feeling out of control because there are so many unanswered questions. Making it hard to know where to start.

Is there an easier way to go about it?

If any of these situations sound familiar,or, you do not even want to go there,  then we  can help you prepare you for the purchase of your next home.  Doesn’t it make sense that in order for you to make one of the most important decisions in your life you should be well informed and have all the facts?

I say that because I was in your shoes.  In fact, I was once facing every one of the above situations.

Just 32 Minutes of Your Time Will Save You from “Years of Headaches”

How? Give us a call 519-435-1600 or contact us, we will arrange to set up a brief get together, you tell us what you want and when and we will offer some suggestions and leave you with some great information.

Call 519-435-1600

You are under no obligation what so ever, you don’t have to sign anything, don’t bring a thing, not even a pen, just yourself or you and your partner, we might even offer you a free coffee or water!




Eliminate Fear When Buying a London Ontario House

Most house buyers have many fears when getting ready to buy a home, whether it is the first time buyer or a couple who have bought and sold 5 homes in their lifetime.

fear of buying a home

Most of those fears are normal and that is a good thing. However:

F false

 E evidence

 A appearing 

 R real

I have worked with hundreds of home buyers over the years and I have found that most of their fears were of the unknown or worst of all, here say by family, friends and co-workers. My role as a professional Realtor is to address those fears, acknowledge them and then overcome those fears with factual information, not my perceptions but the real world of real estate reality.

The fear of buying the wrong house, over-paying for it, defects, financing and location can in 99% of the time, can be overcome with due diligence.

The fear of being happy in that home, entertaining and appreciating in value is internal and way above my paygrade to offer advice!

In the end, common sense, being practical and keeping your emotions in check will be your best friends.

Downsizing to London Ontario? What Next?

  “We’re thinking about downsizing to a smaller home in London Ontario. Having been out of the real estate market for many years, how do we find the right place and someone to walk us through the steps?”

Finding A Great Realtor in London Ontario

When it comes to buying or selling a home in London Ontario, one of the first steps many people take is choosing a real estate professional to work with. Much like you’ll be searching for a home to meet your needs, you’ll want to take a few steps to choose the real estate professional who is right for you.

Regardless of how you find the real estate professional, it’s always a good idea to meet with at least a few different representatives before selecting the one you’d like to work with. When you have your short list and are ready to meet with a few candidates, consider asking these questions:

1. What is your experience? Experience is about more than how many years someone has been in business. Take the time to learn about the types of properties they typically work with, which neighbourhoods they work in and how many homes in the type you are looking for they helped buy or sell in the past year or two.

2. What is your approach to the buying or selling process?For the buying side of things, how will the representative search for suitable properties and what is their approach to negotiations? When selling, how will your home be marketed to help attract the right prospective buyers? By understanding their approach, you’ll know what to expect and will be able to determine which representative’s philosophy and methods align with your preferences.

3. What services will be included? Discuss your particular needs and expectations with prospective representatives to ensure they are able to provide the services you want. For example, when selling, will the representative have professional photos taken of your home or prepare multimedia promotional materials? How will they promote and market your home? Understanding exactly what services will be provided, and later documenting them in your written contract, will help avoid misunderstandings later on.

4. What are the commissions or fees that I will need to pay? Commissions and fees can vary between brokerages and the services provided, so be sure to understand what will be provided and what it will cost. Keep in mind that, as with most things, you pay for what you get.

5. Do you have references? As with most job interviews, getting in touch with references is an important step before hiring someone. Speaking with past clients is a great way to learn more. Were past clients pleased with their experience? Was the representative responsive and easy to get in touch with? Would they recommend them to others?

Buying and selling a home is a major decision, so it’s key to take the time to find the right representative for you. Whether it’s homes within a certain price range, in a specific neighbourhood, income properties or condos, it’s smart to find a representative experienced in buying and selling your kind of place.

 Ask these 11 Questions Before You Hire Any Realtor

Do Not Overpay When Buying a Home in London Ontario

Overpaying when buying a home in London Ontario over the past few months is occurring more often than not and I have heard the following statements from buyers and Realtors.

happy buyers


  • “There is nothing I can do about it”.
  • “That’s just the way the real estate market is right now.”


Learned helplessness is a condition in which a buyer adapts to the scarcity mindset, the fear of loss and instant gratification and overpays for a house in London Ontario and feel that there is nothing they can do about it and that the acceptance of their offer is totally out of their control.

Yes, the real estate market in London Ontario is vibrant and as a Realtor, that is quite positive yet the consequences of overzealous buyers and their representatives actions will have a negative effect , as history has proven over and over that the axiom “What goes up must come down”, holds true.

As a home buyer in London Ontario, you have choices and there are strategies you can take to ensure you do not over pay and get caught up in the frenzy.

If you never ever want to overpay for real estate, I will not let you!

Thinking of Moving to London Ontario & Buying Real Estate?

London Ontario is seeing a boom in people realizing that the price of a house or a condo is considerably less than the majority of other major cities, that the lifestyle here is less tense and that the amenities that London has to offer is second to none.

I work with couples every week who have decided to sell their home and move to London for many reasons , the number one reason is they are capitilizing on the equity in their home and buying here in London and still have 50-60% of their equity left!

 Where to start?

Moving to London Ontario


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a particular neighbourhood or style of a home? Perhaps you’ve driven through an area and fallen in love with it. Maybe you have a friend who lives in a neighbourhood you’d like to live in some day.

How do you find out more about that area or condo complex?

Well, you could Google it and get some preliminary information on that community. You can go to Realtor.ca and get confused,


A better, and certainly faster and more accurate method is to call me.You see, I know the marketplace. I can provide you with in-depth information on the things you’ll want to know about real estate before you buy or sell.

For example, I can provide details about:

  • Type and style of homes.
  • Pricing over the past 12 months or the last few years.
  • Age.
  • Local amenities such as schools, parks, community centres, etc.
  • Commuting routes and access to public transit.
  • Properties currently on the market and recently sold.
  • Inexpensive touch ups that can help sell your home faster!


So, if you’re in the thinking stage, I most likely can give you all the information you need and if not, I’ll get it for you.

Frustrated Buying a Home in London Ontario?

Are you spending countless hours searching the MLS, real estate magazines, weekend classified ads and real estate websites looking for the ideal home for a great price and in a great neighbourhood in London Ontario?

looking to buy a house in London Ontario


If you enjoy doing that, great. Are you aware you may be missing out on some great homes that sell in a day or two or a home that was priced quite so agressively that it sells as soon as it comes on the market or on a specific street?

Do you think you will get a head jump on others by searching daily or weekly? Avoid paying commissions? Avoid a pesky or bothersome real estate person (don’t blame you)?

Or, perhaps you are curious or you are in the ‘just thinking stage’ of real estate. Perhaps to purchase or sell.

Regardless, real estate changes, people change, neighbourhoods change, real estate markets change and the motivation of buyers and sellers change.

So how do I, as a real estate professional, as a Broker of Record and Owner keep you, the curious, the maybe, the must have by the end of the month, the retiree, the downsizer, the upsizer, the DINK’s (double incomes,no kids), the tire kicker, deal maker, bread winner or just plain ready to move informed about real estate in London Ontario?

My asociates and I view a lot of houses and condos every week. We do loads of searches daily for clients, we are constantly researching properties, even For Sale By Owners.

we  find houses in London Ontario

My tastes are different than yours, my taste in neighbourhoods, price affordability, style of home, school district, what side of the tracks, how close certain amenities are and I bet, hundreds more.

As professional house hunters in London we know the jungle, the alleys, the streets, avenues, crescents  and can guide you on the right path to ensure your purchase is wise & financially sensible.

Love it or Leave It” London Ontario’s Only Home Buying Guarantee

100% Home Buyer Guarantee

If you obtain a home through Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage and you are not 100% pleased with it, we will sell your home for you for FREE! We offer this guarantee within the first 24 months after you purchase the home.


We want you to be totally satisfied with your home and will do everything to get you into a home that you will love…Guaranteed!

We are confident that we have the ability to listen to you and to being dedicated in finding the “Perfect Home” for you.  We take 100% responsibility; we offer no excuses and no finger pointing.

That’s why we are willing to work for FREE if your home isn’t everything you expected it to be.  You have nothing to lose,

There is some fine print and here it is:

This home buying guarantee excludes commercial properties, investors & students.

You won’t have to jump off any cliffs, scale any mountains, wrestle a crocodile, put up with a pushy real estate salesperson, cross-eyed lawyers, impotent mortgage lenders, near sighted home inspectors, all you have to do is put up with us!

Ty Lacroix