Has The London Ontario Real Estate Market Slowed Down?

Depending on whom you ask, you are going to hear quite a few viewpoints and the issue I have with viewpoints  is that they are opinions only and as each of us are predisposed to our personal likes and dislikes, biases and even moods, what ever happened to making decisions based on facts?

For example, in July of 2017, the London Ontario real estate market was balanced but still very active, a fact, the Toronto market was down 18% and prices down 9 % ! A fact

So of course, where ever you get your information, be it the National news, Toronto papers or Vancouver or your barbershop or hairdresser, one of the greatest lessons I ever learned was to ask:

“Is it true?”

 I cannot predict the future, I can only control my actions and thoughts for the day so if I want to help a client buy a property today or sell one, I act and take massive action today and everyday  until I succeed, no excuses.

Who cares what the market is doing, if anyone applies the principles of marketing and real estate facts, action occurs!

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