London Ontario Condos Are Selling

London Ontario condos are selling at a record pace and record prices, especially townhouses in London. So the question is, how do you, an owner of a condo , go about selling your unit?

Cross Fingers as a seller of real estate

What do most do? Call a Realtor they know or get a referral (because all Realtors are he same, right), then pick a price and then cross their fingers and toss and turn all night.

Selling a condo in London Ontario is a lot different than selling a house. It takes more skill to attract traffic (buyers) to your door!

There are only a few apartment buildings or townhouse complexes in London that allow a for sale sign out front, the majority of building do not permit signs or even notices in the lobby.

So, how do buyers know your  condo is for sale?

If you think that just being on MLS is all that is needed, think again. It takes a combination of MLS, external web sites, social media, blogging and links to prospective buyers!

Getting results (an offer) in a reasonable time (as of May 7, no more than 10 days is the norm)  should be the standard.

Learn how!


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