Good Communication Allows London Ontario Houses To Sell Better

One of the pet peeves home sellers have with their Realtor is lack of communication. You would think that is not the case but in a recent Real Estate Association article, 74.8% of respondents commented they wished they had better communication with their real estate sales person.

Communication sells London Ontario Houses

Below is a system that I have been using for years  because in all client testimonials, all talk about it and as success leaves clues, I will share with you  just a few traits and habits we use to keep our clients in the know!

  • We keep you up to date by phone calls, email and text, whatever is your preference
  • We follow up on all showings with cooperating agents with phone calls so that you will know what Realtors and buyers are thinking about your home.
  • Every 7 days we have a discussion about all the activity over that period, or lack of it!
  • As well, you will have a password to log in to your own address website where you can see all of our activity such as feedback on showings, all our notes and activities, prospect requests, listings emailed, graphs of activity, buyer interest and where they come from.You can know instantly on what we are doing to market your home.

Most importantly, I’ll negotiate forcefully on your behalf to get you the highest possible price, not try to make you take the first offer that comes to the table!

Upon acceptance of an offer, we coordinate with the cooperating agents, lender, home inspector, and appraiser; handle any complications that can occur so that the most important thing of all occurs . . . your home closes on time with no stress or worry!

You will always know what is going on.


 Why not? You have hired me to market your home, get the best price possible & to sell it in a reasonable time and the only way that can happen is to have open & clear communication, be it good or bad!

 I market and sell homes, I do not just list them!

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