Buying a House in London Ontario? New or Re-Sale?

Over the years, we have found that one of the most common questions we are asked is about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a brand-new home. The answer is that there is really no way to generalize; each case requires its own assessment!

New Home or an Older One?

A lot of specific research and fact finding should be done before you contemplate purchasing a newly constructed home. It is easy to assume that the home will be well constructed with quality materials and workmanship, but that is not always the case.

London Ontario & area has some fine quality builders with stellar reputations, but when dealing with sub trades and being human, some make human errors.

Our many years of experience in new homes has given us the skills to know exactly what to look for in a new home, the right questions to ask and also, who to direct them to! Not only that, we can help you make the calculations that will be important to your final decision.

save with Envelope Real Estate

Who is protecting you when you buy through a sales office or a  model show house! The builder has either  a professional real estate representative watching out for their interests or their own salaried/commission sales person representing the builder  and you need and deserve the your own separtae expert representation watching out for your interests.

Lawyers are not allowed to represent both parties in a real estate transaction, buildes can and real estate sales people in Ontario can!

Before you make that big decision on buying a home in London Ontario, why not get together with us & discuss the pros and cons and then decide how to next proceed to protect you and save you some money!

There is no fee for this, you are under no obligation and I guarantee you will learn a few facts as well!

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