Westmount London Ontario House For Sale

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Just Like New Again

•  2 bath , 4 bdrm 4-level side split – FOR SALE  CAD425,000 . Value Galore

This 4 level side split house in the sought after neighbourhhood of Westmount in London Ontario has been completely refurbished over the past 3 months. New roof and most windows have been replaced. A beautiful stamped concrete double car driveway for 4 cars and a completely fenced back yard with a massive deck and a covered portico.

From the neighbourhood friendly front porch you enter the bright open concept kitchen, living room, dining room , kitchen and breakfast area.

New quality laminate fllooring, lighting and a 7 foot centre work station, 4 new Maytag stainless appliances, new kitchen cabinets, counters, lighting and plumbing and a beautiful ceiling that is worth a long look, and of course freshly painted.

There is a 4 piece and a 3 piece brand new bathroom, along with new fixtures and plumbing, New lighting in the bedrooms, new floors, doors and freshly painted.

Downstairs is a large rec room with a wood burning fireplace, the 4th bedroom and a large furnace room with a work bench and new electrical panel. The majority has been entirely rewired.

This house is not on MLS yet, it is an exclusive listing and you may want to get a jump before other buyers and their Realtor break down the doors to come and see it.

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Houses For Sale in Byron London Ontario

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Great Location -Byron London Ontario

•  3 bath , 3 bdrm 2 storey house for sale for only  $509,000 . Attractive Price
MLS® 150874

This 3 bedroom house is in one of the best locations in London, beautiful Byron and a short walk to Byron Somerset Public School. 2 1/2 bathrooms, master ensuite, separate dining room & living room, a family room with a fireplace and a spacious eat in kitchen.

Finished basement with oodles of storage , a 27’5″ x 12′ rec room and a double car garage to boot.

Fenced back yard with patio and sprinkler system. Note: All the windows except patio door and basement have been replaced over the last 4 years.

Homes like this one very seldom come on the market, make your appointment today while it is still for sale!

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Would Warren Buffet Invest In London Ontario Real Estate?

  Would Warren Buffet invest in London Ontario real estate? I do not know but if he did, he would use the sound principals that he employs every time he invests.

Using his mentor’s ( Benjamin Graham) advice of : “Price is what you pay; value is what you get”, he would do well.

In this classic 2014 letter to shareholders he compares real estate to a mouthy neighbor shouting his estimate of your farm’s value over the fence at you, while you are busy producing food from the land and the sunshine. The mouthy neighbour has all the advice in the world but never produces.

Or my take of this, the complainypant who says real estate is overpriced, underpriced, interest too high, too low, waaaaah, waaaaah, or neighbours, co-workers or a family member giving advice on real estate.

The wise real estate investor looks at the long term picture, can project revenue over the long haul and does not even think about appreciation or speculating.

 A mentor of mine asked me many years ago“If I want shade 20 years from now, when is the best time to plant a tree?”

Income properties now for sale in London Ontario

London Ontario Real Estate Sales Robust July 2018

If you are looking for a houses or condos for sale around London & South West Ontario here are a few neighbourhoods in London you may want to consider.

Byron Delaware Dorchester
Hunt Club Hyde Park Ilderton
Kilworth Komoka Lambeth
Masonville Oakridge Pond Mills
Riverbend Stoneybrook Summerside
Sunningdale University Western Ontario Uplands
Warbler Woods Westmount Wortley Village Old South London


 London Ontario and Area House & Condo Sales for July 2018

  Sellers Market London Ontario


July 2018 marked the third best July for London Ontario real estate since 1978 as exactly 1000 homes were sold using our local MLS, London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR)

This is the third consecutive month of at least 1,000 homes being sold and the resale activity remains above the 10-year average. Inventory remains at a 10-year low, while we continue to see an increase in average sales price,

By geographic area, London East made the largest gains, with an average price of $288,648 – up 14.3% from July 2017 and up 40.2% compared to July 2015. The average sales price in London North was $441,035 – up 8.0% from July 2017 and up 35.9% compared to July 2015. Meanwhile, the average sales price in London South was $370,399, up 10.9 percent from July 2017 and up 32.2% from July 2015.

Overall, the average July sales price across London and St. Thomas was $360,068 – up 10.3% from July 2017 and up 34.2% from July 2015. Going back further, it’s a 68.2% increase compared to the average sales price 10 years ago.

St. Thomas saw a total of 79 homes sold in July, down 7.1% from the same period last year. For inventory, there were 87 active listings, down 22.3% from last July and down 67% from July 2015. The average home sales price in St. Thomas was $303,988 up 15.9% from July 2017 and up 35.5% from July 2015.

The following chart is based on data taken from the CREA National MLS® Report for June 2018 (the latest CREA statistics available). It provides a snapshot of how average home prices in London and St. Thomas compare to other major Ontario and Canadian centres

Average Real Estate Sales Across Canada

 March 2018 Numbers

February 2018 Numbers

January 2018 Numbers

Getting a Deal When Buying a London Ontario Home?

When buying a London Ontario home, everyone that I have ever helped in buying a house  or a condo, want a good deal!

Overpaying for a London Ontario Home

What is a good deal  and for whom?

  • Gobs of money off the listing price?
  • A little off the listing price?
  • The seller lets you have his lawn mower and snow blower? Their cat?
  • The house or condo is exactly what you wanted, is in the neighbourhood you wanted and in a very good condition?
  • You bought something bigger & nicer than your friends have?
  • It was listed at a fair price?

So how do you know its a good deal?

  • You think it is (perspective)?
  • You feel it is?
  • Your Realtor said it is?
  • Your hairdresser said it is?
  • Facts and neighbourhood history say it is?

Buying a home and deciding on one is an emotional ride that you get to slow down with logic, but who’s logic?

When buying a home, use logic first in whom you choose to help you, not only a Realtor, but a lawyer, a home inspector if needed and a mortgage provider. Choose those first before you even go and look at a house or a condo.

That way, you will get a good deal!



How Not To Buy A London Ontario Income Property

Most London Ontario real estate investors miss the boat because by the time they have confirmed all the facts or ‘run their numbers’ (usually erroneously) or gathered solid information, the market is gone or the property is sold.

London Ontario Real Estate Investing Wrong Numbers

I see this daily, the fence sitters, the ‘time is not right’ folks or in 75% of the cases, their analysis of the property and income is faulty, that their illusion of cash flow, appreciation and risk tolerance is to blame!

A good real estate professional relies on what he hears, a great real estate professional assimilates all the available facts, sifts out the chaff, and makes the go/no go decision on his/her ability to adhere to what I call the brutal truth.

Great investors never buy what the market is doing, they don’t care. It can be up, it can be down, the motivation of the investor, be it the buyer or seller, takes two to tango!

You buy on expectation and sell on results! Period.

As J.P. Getty said “Investors bank on climate, while speculators bet on the weather.” In other words, the real estate market works more like a barometer than a thermometer.

Getting good and accurate information and then being able to act decisively on the incomplete information is what really separates the wannabees and the wealthy.

set your goals with real estate

Income properties now for sale in London Ontario


Buying a House in London Ontario? How Sellers Price Their Homes

When buying a house in London Ontario, be aware that in real estate, there are 4 pricing strategies that have been used since Adam had to go out and look for a place of his own!

pricing a home in London Ontario

Clearly Overpriced:

Every seller wants to maximize the amount they receive . They may have an inflated value of what their home is worth because of: getting opinions from un-informed advisors and friends, having an over financed home, or they have renovated their home to a standard not consistent with their neighbours.

Somewhat Overpriced:

  About 75% of the homes on the market are overpriced. These homes sit on the market longer than they should as well. There are two main reasons these homes are overpriced. The seller believes that the home is worth more than the market has indicated, OR, the seller has left room for negotiating.

 Priced Correctly At Market Value: 

Some sellers understand that real estate is part of the capitalistic system of supply and demand. They have realistically priced their homes based on a thorough analysis of other homes on the market prepared by a good and knowledgeable Realtor. These competitively priced homes usually sell in a reasonable time and very close to asking price.

  Priced Below the Fair Market Value:

Some sellers are motivated by a quick sale. These homes could attract multiple offers and sell fast, and, at or above, the asking price!

As a buyer, do you know which strategy will be used?


Knowing how to get an offer accepted at a price you are pleased with is a skill that very few Realtors have. I hope I have raised your awareness of how prices are determined ,  quality representation can save you a lot of time and money.

Slow Wealth With London Ontario Income Properties

We get tons of calls every year for people wanting a fixer-upper, especially after they have just watched some TV show where a couple bought  something, fixed it up and made gobs of money! Really?

Fixer upper

What about a couple who are handy or even want to be handy and who do not have to keep up with the Jones’s for appearance sake? Instead of buying that $400,000 or $500,000 home with the finished basement, nice schools, close to work, 2 car garage and then busting your butt to ensure all your monthly bills are paid?

And then, hoping that your home will increase in value in 5-10 years.

What about the couple who buy a smaller home outside for cash or put 5-10% down, have a 1-2 year plan to fix the place up and sell it and repeat this 4-5 times in 10 years?

Look at the math. Instead of a $1000 plus going to interest every month, you buy something where that interest goes perhaps $600-$800 goes to fixing your place up. after 1-2 years you sell it, you may earn $20,000  to $40,000 plus but lets say you only net $15,000? That’s low but stay with me here.

You do that 5 times or more? If you compared the couple who has had only one house after 10 years, mortgage poor or to keep up with their friends, go deeper in debt and get a bigger home, or the couple who uses their sweat equity and common sense after 10 years?

I have 14 couples now who followed this plan and let me give you 3 scenarios:

  • Couple number 1 lives in a $360,000 home, no mortgage and are under 35 years old and have no debt

  • ​Couple number 2 live in a condo now, no mortgage and are living off the rental income of their last 7 homes they bought, and instead of selling, they rent out
  • Couple number 3 are into house 3, it’s worth about $375,000, they owe just under $100,000 on it and their first home they bought, they scraped, borrowed and begged to come up with a $5, 281 down payment!


Are the above 3 different than most? Yes. you see, they are willing to pay the price in time, effort and I’ll use this dirt word prestige, to build their financial stability. Now, at the end of the day, 10 years from now, who is living the good life?

Is it easy? Safe? Nope! Is it wise and financially prudent? You bet!

So I ask, do you have what it takes or are you going to go through the rest of your life in debt and looking well off or no debt and feeling well? If you have what it takes or want to learn more, why not give me a quick call at 519-435-1600 now?

 Some Income Properties For Sale

Is It True About London Ontario Real Estate?

Is It True?

Every week I talk to hundreds of people about real estate, not only buyers and sellers, but Realtors, lawyers, mortgage people, home inspectors, want-to-be real estate moguls, tire kickers, blog comments, whiners, goody two-shoes, and to my past clients, friends and family.

I bet I hear 50 different opinions about real estate and when I ask why they say or think the way they do, it is because they read something (even though it was a British newspaper), watched something on TV (American), or their accountant, financial impersonator or boss said something that they most likely got from something they read or saw on TV!

So, I always ask, is it true?

Well, you would think I was asking them to go for a prostate exam; they get uptight (a pun) and then spout words of wisdom! I believe that facts don’t lie and until I can walk on water, I cannot predict the real estate market –or maybe I could if I made a career change and became a weather forecaster.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Disappointed In Buying a London Ontario House?

There’s nothing worse than ordering a sparkling water and then taking a sip and it’s flat.

No bubbles, no life, no spark.

Can't find a house in London Ontario

It’s the same with buying a house or a condo in London Ontario. You’re pumped up and excited to get to it.

But then no listings (or so your Realtor told you).  You were outbid on one. You sit  there & never hear from your salesperson or you miss out on a property because you were a day late finding out about it.

You get deflated, pi*#ed off even upset.

How do you get that fizz back? How do you add some carbonation to your home search?

You knew this was coming so here it is, call me!