Selling A London Ontario House & Nobody Knows?

One of the biggest downfalls I see when selling a London Ontario House or condominium be it through a real estate brokerage or a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) company is that most marketers & Realtors  think that if they do the following:

Nobody can find your home for sale

  • Put a for sale sign out front

  • Get it on MLS or some websites

  • Take  pretty pictures (or doctor them)

  • Make up some fancy brochures

  • Maybe run an ad in a glossy magazine that is 1 month too late or a newspaper ad ( called tombstone ads for a reason) or, a larger ad with the Realtor’s picture larger than home!

  • Do An  Open House (did you know that less than 1% of houses are sold with an open house?)

house for sale

Who is going to buy your home? Marketing to that group, in other words, focusing on the type of buyer your home will attract is extremely effective and works!

For example, if you have a 4 bedroom, 2 car garage house which is close to good schools, of course, you would market to families, not to an empty nester or single person. Or, a one floor, 2 bedroom condo in an upscale neighbourhood of London, you would not market it to a family of 4!

Focus, narrow down, focus, focus & clarify!

Most home buyers view between 10-16 homes in London Ontario, they are very much aware of the price & condition of other homes similar to yours.  If they have a top-notch Realtor helping them, they can laser focus on the home that fits their client’s budget and criteria and not get lost on the bling and shine on properties that do not fit their client’s profile.

focus on your home buyer

You can have the fanciest billboard in the world, but if it is located in the middle of the Sahara desert, who is going to see it and if they did, how many miles and hours will it take to get to London Ontario to see it? (I googled it, 9519 KM)

Why not focus your home on that buyer?

How Is Your London Ontario Real Estate Career Going?

Success can mean many things when it comes to a London Ontario real estate career, to some it is money, to some is helping others, to some, it is just a job!

Real Estate Done the Right Way

How many describe their London Ontario real estate career that way?

Fact: Most Realtors EITHER: make a lot of money and have no life outside their job, OR have a life outside of real estate but don’t make enough money, OR kill themselves with grueling 80+ hour weeks AND barely make enough money to survive!

What Do You Believe?

  • I’m working as hard as I can

  • I can’t get beyond a certain level of income

  • Real estate consumes me … I have no time for my personal life

Think again • • • the only logical outcome of “working harder” is “burning out”

The only walls that confine you are the ones you’ve built yourself …you are what you think!

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What Are You Forgetting When Buying a London Ontario House?

   Is there anything you are forgetting when buying a London Ontario house?

 Buying a house or buying a condo in London and South West Ontario can be an exciting yet overwhelming series of emotions, both negative and positive.

Guide to buying a house London Ontario

I know that when I meet buyers for the first time, be it first time buyers or 5th time buyers and go through a checklist of the buying process, I hear from everyone; “You know, I never even thought of that!”

Below are some things to think about and get answers to or decide on before you make a purchase and during the purchase process.

  • How much exactly have you been pre-approved for a mortgage, is it in writing and at what rate and is that rate guaranteed and for how long?

  • What lawyer are you going to use? Do they specialize in real estate and what is their fee, not just their real estate fee but their disbursements! (You would be surprised of the stories I hear where that low fee did not turn out to be low! Yes, the fee was low, but additional charges such as filing fees, record keeping, and blah and blah fees add up!) Get it in writing; they are lawyers, which would be their advice to you!

  • When working with a Realtor, do you have to sign a buyer agency contract? Not sure or what is Buyer Agency? Have your Realtor explain buyer agency to you and if they insist you sign one before showing any homes, fully understand what you are signing and how long you are committed to that Realtor.  In most cases you don’t and won’t mind being committed, but what if your relationship is not working out!?Be very careful!

  • What about a home inspection? Do not leave that to chance or google the least expensive inspector on the web. Home inspectors in Ontario are not regulated and would you trust hundreds of thousands of dollars for a home inspection to save $100 or $200?

At least now there are 4 you have thought about. Want more?

Buying a home in London Ontario is the easy part, it is the lack of details,lack of preparation and the lack of information or the lack of experience that will make you toss and turn at night.


Commercial Residential Property For Sale London Ontario

Photo Link
$2850 per month rental income, commercial residential property for sale in London Ontario, up and coming SOHO District

•  1800 square feet, a 2 bedroom apartment and a retail store, established 50 years  for sale $400,000 . Great Rental Income
MLS 157308


Looking for some rental income? This building is being rented by a long time (50 years) established variety store, (California Convenience ) for $2100 per month plus utilities and there is a 2 bedroom apartment attached, currently rented for $750 month plus utilities and the tenant wishes to stay

Lots of parking and in an up and coming neighbourhood of London called SOHO, great zoning .

Price includes land & building only. Variety store business, goodwill $69,000 plus inventory.

Please call listing Realtor for appointment, 24 hours minimum notice, do not go direct.

Property information

What Makes A Realtor in London Ontario Succeed As One?

What makes a Realtor in London Ontario succeed as one, the big difference between a good & a great Realtor is that the successful ones take everything as a welcomed challenge while an ordinary one takes everything either as a blessing or a curse!

The struggle for most ordinary Realtors is caused by that they don’t take enough time to learn about the true role of money(the four roles are income, flow, profit & equity or exit),  how to effectively market themselves or their listings, those are easy enough to learn, it’s just that they spend their time and energy defending what they think they know! Or, as this great poem states:

Spring has passed

Summer has gone

Winter is here

and the song I meant to sing remains unsung

For I have spent my days stringing

and unstringing my instrument.

Joining a real estate company in London today

Great Realtors in London Ontario, the really happy ones, are down to earth, compulsive about detail, are honest with themselves & their clients & their compensation reflects how happy and satisfied their clients are!.

They understand that they must know what goes on in every aspect of their business, the why and the how.

They focus their attention on the multitude of seemingly insignificant, unimportant & boring things that make up every successful transaction & keeping their real estate business profitable & life fulfilling!

Those mundane, little things, done with care & done consistently, form a huge difference from those who are satisfied to just get through, to just get by, to live from commission cheque to commission cheque.

You see, it is those everyday tasks, done right, is just like compound interest & what Albert Einstein called the 8th wonder of the world.

Most Realtors depend on luck, family, the market, their brokerage or the latest fad to get more business, yet, why is it that  93% don’t make it past year one, 80% don’t make it past 5 years and  90% don’t make it after 10 years?

do not take a chance with your real estate career


You see, your real estate business is nothing more than a reflection of who you are.

  • If your thinking is sloppy, your business will be sloppy!
  • If you are disorganized, your business will be disorganized
  • If you come from a lack of abundance, your business will suffer from lack of abundance. (Give and you will receive.)
  • If you are greedy, your clients will be greedy, your associates  will be greedy, your family will be greedy ( those will be your own thoughts, not others)
  • If the information about what needs to be done is limited, if your research of properties & values is haphazard or limited, your business (income) will reflect that limitation.
  • If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right

So, if your real estate career and business is to change-as it must continuously to thrive and survive-you must change first. (To change your life, change your thoughts).

If you are unwilling to change, your life and real estate career will never allow you to have the lifestyle, peace of mind or to give you what you and your family want.

The first change that has to take place has to do with your idea of what a real estate career is really like & what it will take to make it rewarding, ( and not doing the same thing over and over & all that old 2010 stuff your brokerage told you to do!).

To have a great career in real estate, once you understand the relationship every Realtor must have with their business to really work for them, your life & business will dramatically change.

Joining the right real estate company in London Ontario

You will see the great opportunities available if you start doing things the right way, with the right understanding & tools.

The role of a Realtor is rapidly changing & you’ll see how you can position yourself to be on top of that change.

Here’s the thing, when you started your real estate career and like all of us, to get your license you took a course on property law, how to write up an offer, how to write up a listing agreement, how to value a property and perhaps another 65% of things you most likely will never use again!

Then, you joined a real estate company that promised to offer you all the training you will ever need to make it (if that were true, why do over 86.7% don’t make it past year 2?) or, you may have learned a few ideas & methods about marketing and “getting your name out there.” Really, whose name?

Your real estate practice is not a job, it is a business.

“Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.


If you continue on your present path, if you continue to practice as you are now, hunting­ down business as you are now, attempting to convince  buyers and sellers “of your difference” as you are now, ‘being just a real estate agent’ and destined only to continue- do you have a rational reason to stay in a rut?

A rut is nothing more than a coffin with both ends open!

Can you honestly say your income’s future is certain and secure? Can you see yourself achieving all your goals? – not just money-wise, but life and time-wise too?

Why not get back  the control over your income, and be treated with respect?

Fear of the unknown is strong and holds many people from living their ideal life. You already know how your present business is performing.

Awareness is very powerful. Are you aware that our motto is “Not all Realtors are the same”? Are you aware that my telephone # is 519-435-1600, that my name is Ty Lacroix, I am the Broker of Record & owner & that if the above has you ‘thinking’, call me.

Discretion of course is honoured and the worse that can happen is we say no to each other, so be it, a professional Realtor will hear many no’s in their career, I look at no’s as a lesson, what did I learn and how can I improve?

3 Bedroom House For Sale North East London Ontario

Photo Link
Move in Condition is what you will see when you view this 2 1/2 bath room, 3 bedroom house for sale in North East London Ontario, called Trafalgar Heights.

•  For sale at only $332,900 . This is a great neighbourhood and 3 good schools nearby.
MLS® 163379


A wonderful 2 storey house in a friendly neighbourhood that is move in condition, this 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house has a finished basement , cold storage, a garage and a large fenced back yard .

Top quality laminate flooring with stainless appliances & maple cabinets in the kitchen. The living room has one stone wall with built in bookcase & a sliding patio door to the large fenced back yard with a beautiful stone patio & a garden shed.

Master bedroom has a walk in closet & the other 2 bedrooms are a good size. The finished basement has a 3 piece bathroom and a 21 foot recreation room, a cold room and good size laundry room. The garage has storage shelves and the house is much bigger than it looks.

This 172 foot deep property has been well cared for in this kid friendly neighbourhood, close to 3 schools, walk to the parks & nature trails & shopping is near by. You will be surprised how clean and bright this house is and the price is nice as well!

Water heater is owned.

Property information

How To Overcome The Fear Of Buying a House in London Ontario

The fear of buying a house in London Ontario is more about the unknown than anything else.

One  of the first questions I ask London Ontario home buyers is; “What are your biggest concerns or fears?” After 15 years of asking, these answers are the most common!

  • Getting the best price

  • The quality of the home

  • Will I be able to find and get all the things I am looking for?

  • Trust in the people I have helping me

  • The Neighbourhood

All valid and understandable, so what can you, that buyer do?

​  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to scare anyone, but if you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property, why not be thorough?

Great realtors will have information to help guide you and the really great ones will do what we call a ‘buyer education’ and walk you through the steps from start to finish.

We particularly like the buyer education system because our buyers are more at ease, know what to expect and are ready for any hiccups that may occur. Rest assured, there will be bumps in the road.

Some may jump in the water with both feet and that is a quick way to get wet , but jumping into a real estate transaction with both feet can really hurt, for a long time!

don't jump into a real estate transaction

We’d be all too pleased to walk you through our buyer education system, there is no signing your life away, no pressure and please, leave your wallet and pen at home, we  want you to be so knowledgeable about the buying steps that you may know more about how to buy a home the right way than the average realtor!

Why not eliminate those fears now? We don’t bite. We don’t brag. We just work harder than most and just love it when our clients thank and praise us!