Talbot Village Lambeth London Ontario Real Estate is Hot

Houses in Lambeth Talbot Village  London Ontario and Southwinds neighbourhood have sold quite well from January 1 to July 14, 2017 with prices up and the days to sell down!

170 houses sold through our MLS system at an average price of $552,647 which was 101% of the asking price and these took about 33 days to sell. 5 condos changed hands, averaging $429,500 and were on the market about 18 days.

As you can see, great if you are selling and if you are a buyer, if you really take the time to know the market and try to keep emotions out of the picture, your purchase strategy will prevent you from overpaying.

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142 houses in the Lambeth, Talbot Village, Southwinds Village neighbourhood in London Ontario were sold in 2016 from as low as $284,000 to $2,400,000 and these were on the market an average 38 days and sold very close to  asking price!

 4 condos were sold for an average $432,594 as per our MLS.  These took about 18 days to sell!

  In 2015

113 houses changed hands in Lambeth and  Talbot Village neighbourhood in south London in 2015 for an average price of $447,162 and sold for 97% of the asking price and took on average 44 days to sell!

In the same period, 8 condos sold at an average price of $380,475 which was 2% less than the asking price and were on the market an average 60 days.

  In 2014

2014 was quite active for Lambeth houses and condos with 119 houses exchanging hands for an average price of $412,343 and these sold for 97% of the asking price and sold within 42 days!

9 condos sold in the Talbot Village area at an average $395,333 and these were on the market an average 59 days and sold for 99% of the asking price.

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Lambeth houses & Condos London Ontario

Lambeth is a neighbourhood in the south west of London about 10  minutes to downtown.

The 401 and 402 highways are 3 minutes away and within a 20 KM drive are 6 golf courses! There is a newer shopping plaza at the corner of Colonel Talbot Road amd Southdale Road West with groceries, a pharmacy, dining and fast food, banking etc. As well a newer neighbourhood  called Talbot Village.

Schools and churches are bountiful  along with professional services. Lambeth has homes from  entry level to executive homes and condos. Drive through Talbot Village for new houses and condos, Southwinds Village for some sprawling homes, or the Outer Drive area going south on Colonel Talbot Road or the heart of Lambeth, some quaint shops and a multitude of services.


Lambeth in London Ontario

Elementary Schools

Lambeth Public School

St. George Catholic School

High Schools
Saunders Secondary School

Regina Mundi Catholic College

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School 


Lambeth Minor Hockey

Lambeth Youth Soccer

London Area Sportsfields


Forest City Community Church

New Hope Community Church

St.George Roman Catholic Church

Trinity Anglican Church

Uplands London Ontario Houses & Condos

Uplands London Ontario houses & condos was no different with the rest of the real estate market in London Ontario which has been very vibrant so far in 2017 and houses and condos in Uplands in North London Ontario were no different.

From January 1 to July 17, 2017, 60 houses in Uplands were sold for an average price of $553,086 which was 108% of the asking price and these took about 11 days to sell.

24 condos in Uplands were sold in the same period, averaging 368,417 which was 102% of asking abd about 15 days on the market.

 In 2016

  102 houses sold in the Uplands neighbourhood in London Ontario in 2016 , from as low as $331,000 and up to $848,000 and on average, sold for  99.2% of the asking price and took about 27 days to sell.

house sales in Uplands in London Ontario

44 condos were sold in the Uplands neighbourhood of London through MLS in 2016 from $241,000 to $467,000 and were on the market for about 32 days & sold for about 98.6% of the asking price.

Look at these houses and condos for sale in Uplands in London Ontario.

In 2015,  97 houses changed hands in Uplands in North London on the MLS system and 42 condos. The houses took 40 days & 40 nights to sell for 98% of the asking price of $452,871 and the  condos took an average 57 days to sell  for 98% of the $319,004 asking price!

Uplands  is located in the north end of London and is bounded by Richmond Street to the west, Sunningdale Road to the south, Adelaide Street North to the east and London municipal boundary to the north.

Uplands London Ontario Map

  Uplands is a relatively newer area of London with a great cross section of executive style homes, one floor bungalows and a great selection of one floor condo homes, both attached and detached.

Living in Uplands is convenient to major shopping, churches, schools, dining, golf courses and other recreation venues and attractions.

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Mortgage Poor in London Ontario?

Being mortgage poor in London Ontario is not unusual as some think. This month alone I have helped two families sell their large home with a large mortgage and move to a smaller home with a smaller mortgage. I wrote this blog last year and if you can relate to this couple, downsizing or upsizing is not as onerous as it seems.

I will call this couple Bill and Mary to protect their identity and their ‘keeping up with the Jone’s ‘ previous lifestyle.

How to sell a house London Ontario

They were referred to me by their accountant who asked me if I could help them out. Here is the outline:

  • $460,000 house with a $370,000 mortgage
  • two car loans $37,800
  • $21,500 credit card debt
  • $18,000 line of credit
  • two chidren under 10
  • $102,000 combined salary income
  • $31,000 in RSP’s
  • $900 in savings!

A very nice hard working couple in their 30’s who realized they were getting deeper in debt, working hard to keep afloat and if something happen to one of them such as a lay-off or sickness, they were in trouble!

They finally came to the reality that though they had a beautiful home and on that on the outside looking prosperous and happy, the reality was that they were treading water, just keeping afloat was a chore.

I asked them how serious they were to re-invent their lifestyle, build for their future and if they could discipline their ego and self-worth by not doing what their friends were all doing.

It took a few months of soul searching and to get to the end of the story, here is what happen after two years and one month.

  • I sold their home for $466,000
  • Paid off the credit card debt & line of credit
  • Bought a $149,000 townhouse with a $125,000 mortgage
  • one car loan at $11,500 left
  • $55,000 in RSP’s
  • $11,000 in a TFSA
  • $87,800 combined salary income
  • Two family vacations
  • A plan to pay off their mortgage in 4 years

happy real estate clients

  I got them to subscribe to a few financial freedom blogs that would show them that there were other people living  with financial freedom and it was not income that was the biggest reason, it was focusing on expenses and putting a true value on ‘keeping up with the Jones’! Here is one of the best financial freedom blogs out there.

  Are they happier? Have less stress? Lose any friends? How is their ego’s and self-esteem?

Yes to very happy and no stress,  new appreciation of true friends and their new found self-esteem of being financially disciplined.

 Was it easy? Was it hard?

 Fear of the unknown is one of the strongest fears we can have so facing reality and knowing that in this case, ‘what could be the worst thing that could have happened to this couple when they downsized’? 

 That their ego would get bruised?

Good Communication Allows London Ontario Houses To Sell Better

One of the pet peeves home sellers have with their Realtor is lack of communication. You would think that is not the case but in a recent Real Estate Association article, 74.8% of respondents commented they wished they had better communication with their real estate sales person.

Communication sells London Ontario Houses

Below is a system that I have been using for years  because in all client testimonials, all talk about it and as success leaves clues, I will share with you  just a few traits and habits we use to keep our clients in the know!

  • We keep you up to date by phone calls, email and text, whatever is your preference
  • We follow up on all showings with cooperating agents with phone calls so that you will know what Realtors and buyers are thinking about your home.
  • Every 7 days we have a discussion about all the activity over that period, or lack of it!
  • As well, you will have a password to log in to your own address website where you can see all of our activity such as feedback on showings, all our notes and activities, prospect requests, listings emailed, graphs of activity, buyer interest and where they come from.You can know instantly on what we are doing to market your home.

Most importantly, I’ll negotiate forcefully on your behalf to get you the highest possible price, not try to make you take the first offer that comes to the table!

Upon acceptance of an offer, we coordinate with the cooperating agents, lender, home inspector, and appraiser; handle any complications that can occur so that the most important thing of all occurs . . . your home closes on time with no stress or worry!

You will always know what is going on.


 Why not? You have hired me to market your home, get the best price possible & to sell it in a reasonable time and the only way that can happen is to have open & clear communication, be it good or bad!

 I market and sell homes, I do not just list them!

Byron London Ontario Real Estate Prices Are Up

 From January 1, 2017 to July 10, 2017, the Byron neighbourhood in London Ontario saw 145 houses change hands for an average price of $472,000 which was 105% of the asking price and these took about 14 days to sell!
 For condos in Byron, 50 were sold through MLS in London for an average $298,119 which was 104% of the asking price and these took about 32 days to sell.
 As you can see,the real estate market has set records for 6 consecutive months and July may be no exception. Will this continue?
 In this blog, I share with you the overall London real estate market, comparisons among other cities and my take on what I feel the market will do.
  Byron  in South West London is bordered by Wickerson Rd to the west, Southdale Road to the south, Commissioners Road to the north and Colonel Talbot Road to the east.                                        

Byron London Ontario Map

Get All the houses and Condos For Sale in Byron London Ontario

Byron has been consistently been a sought after London neighbourhood to live in and 2016 was no different with Springbank Park  (300 acres along a stretch of the Thames River and has 19 miles  of trails.) and the Thames River, Boler Mountain (a ski and mountain bike area known to the locals as “the bump), churches, schools, a library, a fire hall, a legion, a Masonic hall , bistros and dining, professional offices, medical, drugstores, LCBO, jewelers, drycleaners and more.

Nearby are public and private golf courses and walking & biking trails galore.

Walking in Springbank Park

The Optimist Club of Byron is an example of community volunteers giving back to the community with activities through out the year.


Byron London Ontario Real Estate

2016 House & Condo Sales in Byron in London Ontario

Byron London Ontario houses for sale in 2016 were in demand and highly sought after as 231 were sold for close to full asking price or more!

For the many followers of my real estate market price index, I stopped publishing an average house price in Byron because in this case, averages were not a true indicator of an average as we saw houses sell in Byron from as low as $227,500 and as high as $1,300,000!

79 condos in Byron changed hands through MLS in 2016, averaging 33 days on the market and selling for about 99.2% of the asking price.

There is a good selection of condo properties in Byron, starting from $175,000 for a townhouse up to $600,000 plus for a detached one floor townhome and a few high rise apartment condos with a proposed new Tricar building in 2017 across from Springbank Park.

Below are a few of the condo corporations in Byron in London Ontario


  There are 5 elementary schools in Byron:

Secondary school age students in Byron either attend  St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School   or  Saunders Secondary School in the Westmount neighbourhood of London or, some currently attend Oakridge Secondary School in Oakridge.               

Other London Neigbourhoods

Riverbend London Ontario Real Estate Still Hot

    Riverbend houses and condos in London in 2017 have been selling quite well with prices up and the inventory of homes down.

 From January 1, 2017 to July 9, 49 houses in Riverbend were sold through MLS for an average $654,518 which was close to the asking price and these took about 38 days to sell.

 42 condo town houses were sold as well, averaging $397,191 and about 47 days to sell! 

 As you can see, the first 6 months of 2017, house and condo sales have almost reach the 2016 levels, prices were up and how long they took to sell was less.

 Will this continue? Being a natural contrarian, I don’t think so and in this blog, I write why.

Search houses for sale Riverbend London Ontario


 Riverbend Real Estate Market  & Hunt Club West 

 55 houses sold in Riverbend/Hunt Club West neighbourhood of London Ontrio in 2016 through MLS , starting from as low as $316,000 up to $1,150,000 which was 97.6% of the asking price and these were on the market an average 51 days.

39 condos were sold in 2016 between  $287,000 to $590,000  for 99.6% of the asking price and these were on the market an average 66 days!


60 houses exchanged hands in Riverbend & Hunt Club West in 2015 for an average sale price of $520,066 which was 97% of the asking price and on average; these houses took 49  days to sell.

In the same period, 22 condos sold for $372,877 which was 98% of the  asking price and were on the market an average 65 days!

Riverbend London Ontario Market Stats

In 2014 

 The Riverbend neighbourhood real estate market in West London saw 47 houses exchanging hands for an average sale price of $481,186 which was 98% of the asking price and those that did sell took approximately 51 days!

16 condos in Riverbend and Hunt Club West sold in the same period for 97% of the asking price of $397,462 and these condos were on the market 59 days.


Bike Trails galore in Riverbend

This is becoming a sought after neighbourhood, prices are stable and yearly more services and businesses are being open.

Take Oxford Street West to Kains Road and see this neigbourhood with street names such as: Shore RoadKirpatrick WayRiverbend RoadTigerlily RoadJack Nash Drive and the beautiful gated Riverbend Golf Community.

You are just 11 minutes or less to downtown London, great shopping and great nature trails, bike paths, golfing and more.

With 5 golf courses within 4 KM, what can I say? For nature lovers, the walking trail along the Thames River is magnificent & there is also Warbler Woods Conservation area and Komoka Provincial Park.

Riverbend Map London Ontario


Other London Neigbourhoods

Wortley Village Old South London Real Estate Update

  There has been a lot of activity concerning real estate sales in Wortley Village, Old South London so far from January 1, 2017 to July 9, 2017 , with sale prices up , multiple offers, less days on the market (how many days it takes a house to sell) and a few buyer and seller frustrations!

148 houses were sold through MLS in this period, it took about 15 days to sell at an average $355,400 which was 104% of the asking price.

8 condos exchanged hands as well, taking around 18 days to sell, averaging $393,063 which was 102% of asking.

In this blog I wrote The London Ontario real estate market in July  , the article reflects what Old South did compared to the rest of London Ontario and 10 other cities across Canada

As well,  how some external events may have an effect on the real estate market, especially prices and may occur within the next feew months!

 206 houses were sold in Wortley Village, Old South London in 2016 through MLS, starting as low as $200,000 and up to $749,00 and the 26 days on the market and most selling for full price verify that the real estate market in London Ontario and especially this neighbourhood  is very healthy!

11 condos sold in the same period for 98.9% of the asking price and took about 42 days to sell.

​  The character and charm of this great London neighbourhood is what attracts home buyers and the people who do live in Old South love the ability to walk and shop in the Wortley Village core, with tree lined streets and no cookie cutter homes.

Living in Old South London Ontario         

​ Check out these homes for sale in Wortley Village & Old South London

                         Wortley Village  in Old South London    

Wortley Village is heart of Old South London. The unique village ambiance associated with Wortley Road is the result of a century of change and adaptation.An attractive commercial setting has developed into a unique shopping & dining area.

Wortley Village London Ontario

Near by is Thames Park, which provides recreational activities including  4 tennis courts, playground equipment, outdoor pool,  picnic areas, and access to London’s riverside bike and walking trails.


trails in London Ontario

With some buildings over 100 years old, over 80 small businesses and establishments  and with an abundance of inviting parks, Old South is the only region in London which offers an enticing blend of history, shopping and nature in a few square kilometers.

The homes in Wortley Village and Old South offer uniqueness, style and a neighbourhood belonging with quite a few events held yearly . The new YMCA has proven to be quite popular and another drawing card for Old South London


Old South Wortley Village

Old South Business Association Wortley Village official website with events and interesting news.

A Map of Old South London Ontario

Old South London Ontario Map


Other London Neigbourhoods

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London Ontario Real Estate Market Continues To Set Records

1,245 homes were sold in June 2017 in London Ontario and area, an increase of 9.9% over June 2016 which was the best June ever, as reported by the  London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR).

London Ontario Real Estate Information

Overall, 2017 home sales are up 23.2% over last year in the London Ontario area!

Other regions have started to see a drop in sales, according to the latest figures from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Although activity has started to slow down in other areas, Realtors® across London and St. Thomas continue to receive interest from outside the region, especially the GTA.

In June, a total of 998 detached homes were sold, an increase of 8.6% over the previous year, while there were 247 condominium sales, up 15.4% from 2016. The average sales price across London and St. Thomas was $335,233 – down 2.8% from the previous month. The average year-to-date sales price was $331,524 – up 18.8% from the 2016 average home price of $279,057.

St. Thomas enjoyed strong activity in June as well, with a total of 111 homes sold, up 46.1% from the same time last year. The average home price in St. Thomas was $280,336, up 8.0% from the previous month.

The best-selling house style in London Ontario continues to be the two-storey, followed by the bungalow, and ranch. The average price for a detached home in June was $361,560 down 2.8% from the previous month, while the average price for a condominium was $228,860, down 6.4% from the previous month.

House Style Units Sold Average Price
2 storey 318 $484,500
Bungalow 203 $270,115
Ranch 135 $406,665
Townhouse condo 118 $203,603
High rise apartment condo 71 $228,014

I see a slight change in the market after seeing some listings being on the market longer, less multiple offers and as one associate commented, ‘the feeding  frenzy is over’

I am also seeing houses being on the market longer because of the following:

  • Overpriced properties (Greed or poor information?)
  • Some sellers and their Realtor think they can plop a sign on the lawn and it will sell. That may have been the case for a few months, but now, the Realtor with marketing skills and experience will experience far better results.
  • More inventory ( more homes for sale)
  • The banks are tightening their belts

 Here is an easy way to search for houses and condos for sale in London Ontario, with walk scores, interactive maps, school zones and parks.

The following chart is based on data taken from the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) National MLS® Report for May 2017 (the latest CREA statistics available). It provides a snapshot of how average home prices in London and St. Thomas compare to other major Ontario and Canadian centres.

Real Estate Sales Across Canada