One Floor Houses and Condos London Ontario

One of the great things about London Ontario is that one floor house & condo prices are lower than most comparable cities in Ontario & Canada and the selection & styles available will fit most lifestyles!

one floor houses & condos London Ontario

Below is a chart showing home prices across Canada and you can see why more and more people are right sizing or downsizing to London.

 London Ontario & area affordability compared to other major Ontario and Canadian centres.

City Average Sale Price
Vancouver $906,469
Toronto $753,057
Fraser Valley $613,309
Victoria $585,889
Hamilton $514,681
Calgary $479,381
Kitchener-Waterloo $383,141
Edmonton $376,580
Montreal $370,812
Ottawa $362,035
Niagara $351,859
Saskatoon $350,368
Regina $316,713
Halifax-Dartmouth $312,684
London St. Thomas $287,175
Canada $476,219

From inexpensive apartment style, high end upscale apartment condos to one floor attached or detached condo homes, London has them.

There are bungalows, ranches and even back or side splits that may work for you.

From as low as $150,000 and up, you have choices. With the medical facilities, education, culture and recreation that London offers, and, the combination of lower house prices and living expenses, the London real estate market is quite vibrant!

12 Great Steps to Selling a Home in London Ontario

The present housing market in London Ontario is very active and a sellers market, however, some homes are not selling or are taking 15, 20 or 30 days or more to sell! To get your selling price there are 12 steps you can take to ensure that your home sells quicker, and you can reduce stress and have some semblance of control.

New Mortgage Rules

1 Keep the reason you are selling to yourself and your Realtor®.

Do not reveal your motivation for selling to anyone else because they may use it against you at the negotiating table. When asked, just say that your housing needs have changed.

2 Different goals will dictate different strategies.

What is more important to you: the money you walk away with or the length of time your property is on the market or both?

3 Do your homework before setting a price.

The average buyer will look at 15-20 homes at the same time they are looking at yours. That buyer will now have a basis of comparison, and if your home does not compare favorably with others in the price range, you will not be taken serious by buyers or Realtors®. The result can be that your home will sit on the market for a long time, knowing this; new buyers on the market will think there is something wrong with your home.

4 More Homework.London Neighbourhood Home Prices

(A good Realtor® should do this for you) Find out what homes in your neighbourhood have sold for in the last 6-12 months, and research what current homes are listed for. That is how a prospective buyer and their Realtor® will assess the worth of your home.

Note: If a neighbour says they sold their home for x amount or purchased it for x amount, have your Realtor verify it. You most likely will be surprised at the real number!

5 Maximize your home’s sales potential.

You may not be able to change your home’s location or floor plan, but you can do a lot to improve its appearance. The look and feel of your home generates a greater emotional response than any other factor. Before showings, pick up, straighten up, unclutter, scrub, scour and dust. Present your home to get a “WOW” response from prospective buyers. Allow the buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. The decision to buy a home is based on emotion, not logic.

101 Ways To Sell Your House in London Ontario

Deciding upon a Realtor®

You and your Realtor® are partners in marketing your home. Choose carefully and wisely, here are some questions you may want answers to.

7 Make it easy for buyers to get information on your home.

Buyers calling for information on your home value their time as much as you do. They also do not want to be hassled or frustrated because they cannot get a hold of the listing Realtor® or some of the information in the listing is incorrect. 92% of homes sold have been previewed over the Internet! Make sure your Realtor® has a proven feedback system to allow you to know the comments and opinions of prospective buyers.

8 Do not move before you sell,or, keep it furnished if you can.

Studies have shown that it is more difficult to sell a home that is vacant because it looks forlorn, forgotten and simply not appealing. As well, prospects may think because it is empty, you are motivated to sell fast and for a lower dollar.

9 Deadlines create a serious disadvantage.

Don’t try to sell by a certain date. This adds unnecessary pressure and is a serious disadvantage in negotiations.

10 Keep emotions in check.Do not be offended by a low offer or certain demands from the buyer. A good Realtor® can turn these negatives into a positive situation. You will have an advantage over others who get caught up emotionally.

Emotions will not alter the situation, it has already occurred.

11 Be a smart seller- disclose everything.

Be proactive, by disclosing any problems or defects you are giving the buyer confidence that you are not hiding anything. This also will prevent liability or legal issues to follow.

12 Make sure the offer is complete. Ensure that all terms, conditions and responsibilities are spelled out in the offer and that you fully understand them. A good Realtor® will take the time to explain and help you understand the conditions and terms and will insert clauses if required to further protect you

.do not sign anything without checking first with your Realtor

These 12 steps are a guideline and I would love to explain each step in detail to you because I know how important selling your home in London Ontario is and no one can afford to throw money away or have a process that will come back to haunt them.

When I take on a client and their home, I take the time before we start to market the home to discuss and review the pros and cons of different strategies and walk you through the steps of the selling process so that you are comfortable and more knowledgeable and can sleep better!


Why Control Income Properties in London Ontario?

Control is a very, very important part of wealth-building, especially income properties in London Ontario.

control your income properties London Ontario

     Investing Control: The ability to influence or impact the future value and net income of your investment.

Investing control is important for almost any type of investment. For the stock market, mutual funds, EFT’s, for us average people , it is very difficult to control and if you think you have control, it reminds me of a wise sage who commented: “If you are playing poker and are trying to figure out who the sucker is, it’s you!”

For real estate, wise investors want active control over their properties however, most people would rather be passive real estate investors. The tiny few who grow wealthy prefer to be active investors.

The majority of families focus their investments into assets they do not control. This is why they struggle to accumulate “real” wealth. This is also why many people will not have enough money accumulated when they retire.

retired couple

In fact, it boggles my mind that most people prefer not to be in control of their investments. They would much rather have mutual fund planners, stockbroker or someone else control their money. “Done for you” wealth is not available. You are going to have to do much of it yourself. You do it by controlling assets.

It is perfectly fine to invest a small portion of your money into investments you do not control. But I would be very careful investing large sums of your money into uncontrollable investments.

If you study wealthy people, you’ll quickly see that they do the exact opposite of everyone else. They desire, fight for and cherish control. Everyone else desires, cherishes and pays big money to have no control. Notice the difference

I believe most people prefer passive investments because they are easier. Passive investments allow the investor to invest without having to take any responsibility. Passive investments do not require the investor to be decisive. Passive investments do not require the investor get his hands dirty.

Control requires that you take responsibility for your investments. Control requires you to be active. Control requires that you pay attention. Control requires that you be decisive. Control requires you to roll up your sleeves and get dirty every once in awhile. Some believe control is risky. I believe lack of control is risky.

Once you have control of your investment, you should work hard to increase its value. You increase value by increasing its income.

One of the most valuable wealth-building skills you can have in life is the ability to increase the net income of your investments. With this skill, you can literally write your own ticket.

You must strive for control over your investments. Control is critical for true wealth. Don’t be lazy.

Don’t copy the masses and happily turn over control to your hard earned money! When are you ready to take control? If now, why not contact me and we can sit down and see how I can help.

Income properties now for sale in London Ontario

Westmount House For Sale London Ontario


Coming Soon to MLS

Raised ranch in desirable Westmount neighbourhood of London Ontario.

Solid brick, magnificent landscaped fenced back yard with wooden deck and a concrete patio. Very bright, modern open concept with hardwood and ceramic throughout the main floor.

A very large bright kitchen with a breakfast bar and dining area. Main floor family room and large living room with a gas fireplace that heats the house during winter.

The 2nd level has 4 good size bedrooms, another gas fireplace and a great play area . Crown molding and high baseboards through out .

New steel roof (2016) with a 50 year warranty, new windows throughout and well maintained.

Lots of storage, walking distance to schools.

More details to follow

Property information

Overpaying For Real Estate in London Ontario

Overpaying for real estate in London Ontario over the past few months is occurring more often than not and I have heard the following statements from buyers and Realtors.

  • “There is nothing I can do about it”.
  • “That’s just the way the real estate market is”.


Learned helplessness is a condition in which a buyer adapts to the scarcity mindset, the fear of loss and instant gratification and overpays for a house in London Ontario and feel that there is nothing they can do about it and that the acceptance of their offer is totally out of their control.

Yes, the real estate market in London Ontario is vibrant and as a Realtor, that is quite positive yet the consequences of overzealous buyers and their representatives actions will have a negative effect , as history has proven over and over that the axiom “What goes up must come down”, holds true.

As a home buyer in London Ontario, you have choices and there are strategies you can take to ensure you do not over pay and get caught up in the frenzy.

For home sellers in London Ontario, you could not ask for better time to list your home on MLS. When the fish are biting, it is a good time to have your line in the water.

Office For Rent London Ontario

office for rent London Ontario
Office For Rent London Ontario Quality Space 

•  1,030 sq. ft. “office space” – $1,241.00. MLS® #590630

– 1030 sq.ft. of office space, including reception, 2 private offices, a large manager’s office or conference room & 4 work stations. $1240.72 per month ($8.00 + $3.59 common area = $11.59 gross per sq ft)

Plenty of free parking, high traffic area, Base Line W, Wharncliffe, Commissioners road, behind Audi dealership.

Shoppers Drugmart,banks, restaurants, grocery store all nearby .

Sublease until Oct 31, 2017 or can do a longer lease.

Option to buy or lease existing furniture, computers, copiers, phone system , etc. ! Just bring your cheque book & files, ready to go.

By appointment only.

Property information

House For Rent London Ontario

house for rent London Ontario
House For Rent London Ontario Move in Condition $1,650.00. Excellent value 
MLS® #591056

– A beautiful and immaculate 4 bedroom , 2 1/2 bathroom house in a nice safe family neighbourhood, for rent only!

On a premium pie shape lot with a nice deck and lots of privacy and a storage shed and the back yard is fenced. Double car garage with garage door opener and shelving. Very spacious bright kitchen with modern appliances, lots of cabinets and a large living room to entertain.

4 large bedrooms, the master bedroom is spacious and has a master ensuite.

The basement is finished with a large rec room with additional storage and a bright laundry area with washer & dryer included, even a bar fridge. A cold room for canning or wine makers! A tankless water heater for instant hot water, gas heat and central air conditioning, even a soft water conditioner!

All window coverings are included in the $1,650 monthly rent plus utilities.

Property information

As a Home Owner in London, How To Take Advantage of The Hot Market

How do you, as a home owner in London Ontario, able to maximize the sale price of your home in this very hot London Ontario real estate market?

London Ontario Housing Market

How can you take advantage of the fact that desirable houses and condos in London are selling with in days and not weeks?

Being prepared ahead of time before your home goes on MLS can be one of the best advantages you will ever have to get what you want.

I do not mean testing the market with a price that a reasonable buyer would never consider, I mean, factually align your arsenal with quality information, such as up to date factual sales history( not what your neighbour said she got), the neighbourhood desirability and most important, is your home in what Realtors call ‘show ready’?

As well, what is the process if you did get an offer, or two or three?  It could be in some cases that the highest price offer may not necessarily be the best for you!

What would you do if you did not receive an offer in 7 days?  Would you know the reason or would your first instinct be to put the blame on something or any one person?

Being prepared will allow you not to make impulse decisions that could cost you.

The most important time for a new listing in London Ontario is 2 days before your home officially goes on MLS and the 8 days after!

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London Ontario Real Estate is Hot!

The London Ontario Real Estate Market is doing real well with 825 homes in London Ontario & area sold in October 2016, which was 18.7% over October 2015, making it the best October for our London and St Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR).

london Ontario Real Estate Market

2016 continues to break records with Year to Date sales up 9.3%. Listings (homes put on the market for sale in October) were down 12.3%, while inventory (homes for sale) was down 33.8%, making this a seller’s market!

A Google definition of a Seller’s Market is: an economic situation in which goods or shares are scarce and sellers can keep prices high.

The best-selling house style in LSTAR’s jurisdiction for October 2016 was the two-storey, then the bungalow, followed by ranches, then townhouse condominiums, then high rise apartment condos.

The average price for a detached home Year-to-Date stood at $296,445, up 5%, while the average price for a condo over the same period stood at $201,270, up 6%. The average price of all homes sold through LSTAR’s MLS® Year-to-Date stood at $278,471, up 5.3%.

What does all of this mean?

If you have been thinking about selling your house or condo, now is a great time as there is a shortage of good listings on the market and if a Realtor prices your home correctly, your home should sell for full price and within days!

If you are buying a home in London Ontario, do not dawdle! Be prepared with neighbourhood prices, be pre-approved and try not to get caught up in all the hype and overpay!

House Style Units Sold Average Price
2 storey 198 $370,303
Bungalow 155 $235,189
Ranch 96 $367,881
Townhouse 69 $169,031
High rise apt. condo 34 $155,665

London Ontario & area affordability compared to other major Ontario and Canadian centres.

City Average Sale Price
Vancouver $906,469
Toronto $753,057
Fraser Valley $613,309
Victoria $585,889
Hamilton $514,681
Calgary $479,381
Kitchener-Waterloo $383,141
Edmonton $376,580
Montreal $370,812
Ottawa $362,035
Niagara $351,859
Saskatoon $350,368
Regina $316,713
Halifax-Dartmouth $312,684
London St. Thomas $287,175
Canada $476,219

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50 Northumberland Road London Ontario Condominiums

50 Northumberland Road Clubhouse

50 Northumberland Road, is in the Hunt Club neighbourhood of London Ontario and Units 1-43 is called Hunt Club Glen and Units 44-105 are called Hunt Club Gate.

View Google map

Regardless of names, you can buy these well constructed townhomes from as low as $339,000 to $550,000.

As with anything, location, amenities, views, size all come with a personal perspective and budget but one thing that will occur, you will love the quiet, the quality landscaping, the closeness to great stores like Remark, Gordons and banks and grocery stores and fast food and golf courses and trails and Sifton Bog and churches and schools are far enough away for quiet times.

Don’t get me wrong, having your grandchildren visit is great and then they get to go home with your children! A perfect world after all these years!

So ,

  • As of November 5, 2016 $339,000 TO $496,800
  • in 2015, prices from $359,923 to $549,176
  • in 2014, prices from $306,787 to $452, 425

Averages mean didly squat, over the years I have been into 57 of these units, I have seen great views, walk outs, finished basements, finishes to drool  over, upgrades and plain janes and joes.

The real estate market in London Ontario is great at the present time, (November 5, 2016) so if you can breathe, any one can sell a condo or house in London Ontario, it is a sellers market. I usually get the call when things are not selling and home owners need a professional with marketing and negotiating skills.

50 Northumberland

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